March 30, 2009- Schuylkill Haven R.I.T. goes to Pottsville City

March 30, 2009- At 01:24 the Schuylkill Haven RIT was dispatched to assist Pottsville at 404 West Fairview Street, Pottsville City, for a working apartment building fire.  Pottsville units were quick to make a good knock down on the fire, and the RIT was not utilized.  Schuykill Haven was out of town for about an hour.  **Station 4 Photos**



July 19, 2012 – Possible House Fire (Stanton Street)

July 19, 2012 – At 11:54 the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department was dispatched to 55 Stanton Street, in the borough for a possible house fire. Chief 735 (Snyder) was the first to arrive on scene and was met with a smoke condition coming from the basement of the residence. Fire personnel arrived on scene and determined that the oil burner had malfunction. All SHFD units were on scene for approximately 20 minutes.


July 19, 2013 – Landing Zone (The Island)

July 19, 2013 – at 08:54 Stations 1 &2 were dispatched to 98 Broadway St. “The Island” to set up for  incoming Medevac 7. Crews arrived on scene and established a secure area for “the bird to land”. Fire personnel also assisted with patient transport to the helicopter. All units were placed clear and available shortly after take-off. Chief 735 (Snyder) had command.


June 30, 2013 – AFA Tamaqua Cable

June 30, 2013 – At 17:50 the SHFD was dispatched to 1 Tamaqua Boulevard for an automatic fire alarm. Crews quickly arrived on scene to find nothing showing from the exterior. Chief 735 (Snyder) determined the alarm to be a false activation and placed all units available.


June 25, 2013 – House Fire (Jack and Jill Drive)

June 25, 2013 -At 21:59 the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department was dispatched to 30 Jack and Jill Drive N., Manheim Township for possible house fire. SCCC advised all responding units of a house struck by lightening and a smoke condition in the basement. Crews arrived on scene and confirmed the residence was indeed struck by lightening. Fire personnel checked the house for extension using thermal imagery cameras and performed ventilation using PPV (positive pressure) fans. All Schuylkill Haven units were on scene for approximately 1 hour. Chief 723 (Motko) had command.

3/20/2013- Chimney Fire

Mar. 20, 2013- At 16:26 Fire Districts 39,47,34 Station 1 Rainbow for ladder 725,  was dispatched to 2143 Montana Drive South Manheim Twp for a Chimney fire Chief 723 arrived on scene & found a chimney fire with extension into interior rooms & requested  Station 4  to be dispatched  for manpower to assist crews working at the scene. Crews were on scene for approx 1.5 hrs  Chief 39  Had Command.

March 17, 2013- Lift Assit(Still Alarm- Station 4)

Mar 17 , 2013  A neighbor called the stationt looking for assistance in lifting. A crew was contacted & walked across the street to the house and assisted the woman, Units were on scene for approx 10 minutes.  Chief 735  had “Command”.



March 16, 2013 – AFA

Mar 16, 2013-  At 10:42 hrs Fire Districts 47, 56, and Station 4 (Liberty) were dispatched to 6 South Greenview Rd.   For a activated fire alarm. Crews arrived on scene investigated & found it to be a false activation Chief 4701 had command. Crews were on scene for approximately 1 hr.

MVA Columbia St. 2-24-13 021

Congratulations To Station 1 On New Rescue 727

Congratulations To Station 1 Rainbow Hose company on the acquisition of the new Rescue 727. The Rescue is a 1995 Freightliner commercial cab, with the body done by American Fire & Rescue. The truck features a 5 man cab and is equipped with the following: 25 kw generator, 4 bank 6,000 psi cascade system, 12,000lb winch, and an electric simo motor for pre-connected hurst tools containing (2) 100ft reels, and lettering done by lettered by Dawn Sorakauch. The new Rescue is originally from Magnolia, Delaware. Rescue 727 has been in-service since February 24th, 2013. Photos via MLK.




2/27/2013- Vehicle Accident With Injuries

Feb. 27, 2013- at 18:26 Stations 1&4 were dispatched to 900 Schuylkill Mtn Rd. for a Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries. Crews quickly arrived on scene to find a single Car vs. Tree. Crews assisted Medics with Pt Care and securing the vehicle. Crews were on scene for approx 1 1/2 hrs. Chief 722 Had Command. Photo via “Squid Cam”.

3/02/2013- Chimney Fire

Mar. 02, 2013- At 8:22 Station 4 was dispatched along with Fire Districts 47,56,and 42 to 97 Meadow Drive, South Manheim Township for a Chimney Fire. Engine 737 and Tanker 738 were quickly on the Road along with Chief 47 and 730. CHief 47 arrived on scene to find that the homeowner had the fire knocked down and the wood burner unloaded. 47-10 & 47-32 were the first apparatus to arrive and their crew begun to investigate the chimney. Engines 737 and 56-10 arrived at the same time and the crew from 737 went inside the structure and the crew from 56-10 went to the roof to investigate. Crews from Tanker 738, Engine 56-11, 42-30, and 42-10 staged on Meadow Drive. After investigating it was found that the fire was built up creosote that had ultimately burnt away.  Crews were on scene for approx 1 hr Chief 47 Schuylkill Fire Had Command.

2/25/13- Vehicle Fire

Feb. 25, 2013- At 12:31 Stations 1 &2 were dispatched to the Area Of 1478 RT. 61S for a Vehicle Fire. Chief 720 quickly arrived on scene and had a working vehicle Fire with fire in the engine compartment. He quickly hit the fire with an extinguisher and knocked most of it down. Ladder 725 was next on scene followed by Engine 732. Ladder 725 placed an 1 3/4” handline in service to completely extinguish  the remaining hot spots. Chief 720 Had command and units were on scene for approx 1hr.

MVA Columbia St. 2-24-13 007

2/24/13- Vehicle Accident with Injuries

Feb. 24, 2013- At 15:47 Stations 1 and 4 were dispatched to 529 West Columbia St. for and MVA with Unknown Injuries. Units went responding they were given an additional of a Single car into a Pole. Chief 723(Motko) was first On Scene and confirmed 1 vehicle into a pole and no Injuries. Chief 730, Engine 737, Rescue 727 were next to arrive and they immedietly wen’t to work to secure the vehicle’s fluids and to check the pole. Crews then noticed that the pole had been sheered at the base and had Command notify the Borough Crew to come and take a look at it. Squad 739 and Fire Police 729 Units provided traffic control. UNits were on scene for close to 4 hours while the Borough Crew replaced the Pole.  Chief 730 Had command. MLK Photos.

2/24/13- Working Structure Fire

Feb. 24, 2013- At 4:15am Station 2 was dispatched to 38 West Coal St.-Shenandoah Borough for a Working Structure Fire as a request from Chief 740. Chief 740 requested 1 Engine from bot Schuylkill Haven and St. Clair just after the 4th Alarm was struck. When Engine 732 arrived on scene they were put to work with Fire Suppression and Overhaul. Crews were on scene for approx 4 hours. Chief 730 had command of E-732.

*More Information to Follow.*

February 13, 2012 – MVA

Feb 13 2013- 15:11- Stations 1 & 4  were dispatched to the area of  2 west Main Street for an MVA with fluids down. Crews arrived on scene and applied floor dry and stood by until the towing company arrived.  Chief 730 had command and units were on scene for less then 30 mins.