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October 19, 2009- MVA with Fluids down

October 19, 2009- At 14:24 stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to the intersection of University Drive and Route 61, North Manheim Twp, for a minor motor vehicle accident with fluids down.  725A (Moran) was traveling through the intersection and advised county of the crash, prompting them to send Engine 733 and Rescue 727.  As Duty Chief 720 (Peel) arrived on scene, he advised County Comm Center that 1 engine would be sufficient and to cancel off the rest of the incoming units.  Time out was 15 minutes.

October 19, 2009- Ladder 725 rolls south again

October 19, 2009-  At 04:34 Ladder 725 was dispatched to 125 Holly Road, Tilden Twp, Berks County for another automatic fire alarm again replacing Hamburg’s Aerial 61.  Chief 720 and Ladder 725 went responding and began taking the long trek down Route 61 South. Once again, before they could even get off the highway, they were placed available by Tilden incident command stating a false activation.  Time out was 35 minutes.

October 18, 2009- Ladder 725 goes to Hamburg

October 18,2009- At 10:03 Ladder 725 was dispatched to replace Aerial 61 to 1 North 4th Street, Hamburg Boro, for an Automatic Fire Alarm.  As Chief 720 (Peel) got to the Cabela’s on Route 61, they were placed available by Hamburg incident command stating a false activation.  Time out was 20 minutes.

October 17, 2009-Tanker 738 and R.I.T. Goes To New Philadelphia

October 17, 2009- At 04:04 Tanker 738 was dispatched to 59 Water Street, New Philadelphia Borough, for a working structure fire (known as Moe’s Pub).  Moments after the tanker was dispatched the beeps came across again, this time for the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department  R.I.T.  Tanker 738 was on the road soon after dispatch, and Engine 733 and Squad 739 were right behind bringing along the RIT members.  Once on scene, the tanker began to shuttle water to the fire scene and the RIT team was staged on the outside of the building.  Luckily, the team was not utilized for RIT, but instead was used to assist with fire suppression and overhaul operations.  Units from Schuylkill Haven were back in the borough by 07:45.  **Station 4 Pics!P1010479P1010478P1010480P1010481P1010482P1010483P1010484P1010485P1010486P1010487P1010475P1010476P1010477

October 16, 2009- Trash fire to the rear of Country Squire

October 16, 2009- Soon after returning from the previous call on Parkway, the beeps came through again this time for a trash fire to the rear of the Country Squire at Manheim Road and Route 61, North Manheim Twp, chasing all 3 Haven companies to the scene.  However, Chief Donatti arrived  on scene first and advised County Comm Center that one engine would be sufficient.  Engine 732 took care of the call and Ladder 725 and Engine 737 were cancelled off en-route.

October 16, 2009- Possible House Fire on Parkway

October 16, 2009- At 13:22 the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department was dispatched to 400 Parkway, Schuylkill Haven Boro, for a possible house fire.  Due to Wagon 736 being out of service yet, Engine 56-10 was dispatched  from Orwigsburg to replace it.  The call came in from a employee on the “Line Crew” from the borough, stating they saw smoke coming out of the house.  Once duty Chief 723 (Donatti) arrived on scene, he saw smoke in the inside of the house with no fire visible.  After realizing that there wasn’t a major problem, Engine 56-10 was placed available and all Schuylkill Haven units were cleared from the scene in just under 40 minutes.

October 15, 2009- Move up assignment to HH&L

October 15, 2009- At 15:31 the Schuylkill Hose was dispatched for a move up assignment to Pine Grove HH&L station as they along with District 34 went responding on a Commercial Structure fire. However, before Engine 733 could get out of Schuylkill Haven Boro limits, they were cancelled off by Washington Twp command.

October 15, 2009- AFA at the Cotton Club

October 15, 2009- At 01:45 all 3 Schuylkill Haven stations were dispatched to 62 Seven Stars Road, North Manheim Twp, for an automatic fire alarm. However, before any fire apparatus could go responding, the department was canceled off by the alarm company stating a false activation.

October 13, 2009- Landing”The Bird”

October 13, 2009 – At 22:47 Stations 1, 2, & 4 were dispatched to 625 East Main Street (Schuylkill Haven High School) to set up a landing zone for incoming MedEvac 7. Crews arrived on scene and secured the parking lot area for the helicopter to land. The patient was transferred and all Haven units were cleared after about 30 minutes. **MLK Pics to be added shortly.

October 12, 2009 – Fluids Leaking On Roadway

October 12, 2009 – At 10:11 Stations 1, 2 & 4 were dispatched to the area of 99 West Columbia for a possible vehicle leaking fluids. As crews responded, it was determined that the spill was rather large in size covering a distance of about 1.5 miles. Chief 722 advised county of the size and had the Cressona Fire Department (District 41) dispatched for additional manpower and supplies. Crews applied large quantities of floor dry and used absorbent pads to soak up the mess. Time out was about 1 hour.