Importance of Fire Alarm System in Buildings

6 months ago

Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system is made of devices using the audio and visual signal for warning any possible smoke or fire that may occur in a place. It has fire alarms to providing the commercial buildings and residences with zonal coverage. Their warnings may be flashing light, making a call, a loud bell or siren, or even sending some voice messages.

Fire Alarm System Classifications

• Automatic fire alarms: They’re activated through heat sensors and smoke where manual alarms are activated using pull stations or manual call points. You can include both fire alarms altogether.
• Conventional fire alarm: It works as a unit and must be inspected to identify the exact activation area. Those with a special address for the detectors of fire alarms are the addressable fire alarms to identify the danger’s source easily.
• One-stage Fire Alarm: the system warns everybody around about an activation sensor. Two-stage alarm warns the ones supposed to take an immediate step but not everyone. Its designation is serving large areas for panic prevention.

How Fire Alarm System Works

• It uses automatic functions for detecting an event occurs which may lead to a fire. They transmit the received signal from the fire sensor automatically towards the fire panel.
• The wireless systems use radio frequency when transmitting its signal towards the control panel form its fire detectors. There are thermistors in heat detectors for heat sensing. Gas is traced in carbon-monoxide detectors with, electro-chemical, bio-mimetic, and integrated chemical cells. Smoke detectors always use ionization in smoke detecting whereas combined detectors always use various detection mechanisms.
• The panel of fire alarm activates sounders or flashers, activates the sprinklers, or they may make calls to the occupants or authorities. It may point its source of occurrence towards the control panel if it’s an addressable fire alarm system. Various users may be notified with; gongs, horns, and messages in loudspeakers that alerts them in every department.

The fire alarm systems are the best thing every building should have since they secure people from any cause of danger that may occur.

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