Preventing Fire with the Extinguisher Inspection

6 months ago

A fire extinguisher that works properly may end up saving everyone’s life, so it is good to know to perform fire extinguisher inspection. In an emergency case, fire extinguishers work well if they have been inspected every month. You should know the entire process and cautions as well.


  • A damaged fire extinguisher must be highly avoided since their contents are pressured which may cause an explosion
  • You must be well trained before you operate the extinguisher.
  • You must ensure the extinguisher used for the working environment is recommended for that work.
  • If you need a replacement in any part of extinguisher, make contact with the local fire department.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Process

Step 1: Know Well the Fire Extinguisher You Have: You must well know the terms used in every part of the extinguisher so you may be familiar with the inspection.

Step 2: Inspection or Maintenance Tag: Ensure the extinguisher is recorded or tagged to confirm if it has been monthly inspected until the current month.

Step 3: Green Gauge: The needle at gauge must point towards green are, ensure it’s since it makes you know it’s ready to be used and well charged.

Step 4: Pin in safe Place: The pin must be in place to avoid any discharging while it’s handled.

Step 5: Heft The Extinguisher: Heft the extinguisher to confirm if the charge is full and feel it’s inside weight.

Step 6: and Dents: Confirm the extinguisher doesn’t have damages, dents, or any physical damage. In case of damage, replace the extinguisher immediately.

Step 7: The Nozzle: Confirm the nozzle and hose doesn’t have clogs or obstructions. In case of any, replace the extinguisher or the hose alone but after consultation.

Step 8: Instructions for Operation: Ensure the instructions for the operation are well understood, legible, and clear. You may replace extinguisher if instructions are not clear rather than forming your instructions.

Step 9: The Documentation: You must document the period of completion of inspection with initials on that inspection or maintenance tag. You can replace that tag if it is full from internet printing or the local fire department.

After the conclusion of the entire process, you will be sure to have a perfect extinguisher ready for work.

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